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Named surfer bird sticker

TenStickers. Named surfer bird sticker. A penguin bird name surfer wall sticker designed in black and white colour. This design is preferably suitable for  your kids  and teens bedroom.

Wall colour

Measurements (width x height)
A name surfer bird wall sticker designed in black and white colour to fit nicely in your home with the bird on the text. This design is simply for people who love to use tools to search for baby names but in this case you are surfing name with a bird which is a penguin. The penguin bird name surfer wall decal can be customised with any name of your choice. You want to announce the name of your child or any name you are interested in with this penguin bird name surfer with text sticker product that is made with high quality material and very adhesive which can be in size to your fitting.

Information about Named surfer bird sticker

Reference: A17613


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