Picasso Guernica Living Room Wall Decor

TenStickers. Picasso Guernica wall art sticker. Bring this iconic work of the legendary artist Pablo Picasso into your home with this epic Guernica Picasso wall sticker. Choose from over 50 colours!

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Bring this iconic work from the legendary artist Pablo Picasso into your home, office or store with this epic stencil-version guernica painting wall sticker. This painting was created as a response to the bombing of the Basque town of Guernica by Nazi Germany and Fascista Italy on the 26th of April 1937 at the request of The Spanish Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War. While the original was over 7 and a half meters wide, you can bring this Picasso wall art decal into your home at any size of your choosing.

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Reference: A14288

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