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Custom Stickers

Can´t find the perfect sticker for you? Don´t worry! We have a talented team of designers desperate to make a wall sticker exactly to your specifications! Simply send us the design you would like and we will make your picture into a decal! Whether it be a picture of your favourite celebrity, one of your child´s amazing drawings or simply something you think will look great as home decor, don´t hesitate to upload the image and create your own unique and personal design!

All of our personalised stickers are as brilliant and high in quality as ever, made using bubble-proof vinyl and benefiting from all the upsides that come with the magnificent material!

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a picture that you think would look great as a wall sticker, send it our way and create your own customised sticker today!
Upload your design

Upload your design


Choose the type of vinyl

Image cropping

Select a colour

Specify the measurements


Crop Frame
The vinyl measurements do not match the original proportion of your image.
Move the highlighted space to select the area you want.

Need help?

If you have any doubt about carrying out your order or your design needs some specific alterations contact with us. We will advice you or send you a personal quote regarding any alterations you may require.

Contact with us at

Important Notes

1) Send us the original in the highest resolution possible, preferably a vector image file (EPS, AI, PDF, SVG...)

2) If we see that your design is not in high definition we will contact you to offer alternative solutions.

3) If your design requires extra work due to the complexity this could increase the cost.

4) For special stickers (blackboard stickers, coloured glass stickers, vinyl sheets...) contact with us at

5) If you cannot upload your image (large file, unsupported format…) send it to us via email at

6) Convert word documents (.doc) to pdf format

7) All decals have a matte tone finish.

8) It is important to consider that for the cropped image (elimination of background) the thinnest features should be of a minimum of 4 mm.

9) If you finally decide that you do not want to purchase a sticker we will return your money back in a quick and efficient manner. Just get in contact with us.

10) The size will be calculated in proportion to the overall design you upload, so if your image has white margins we suggest you remove them. When preparing the decal, we will use either the maximum height or maximum width indicated by you as a reference, always maintaining the same proportion.