Fondue Home Wall Sticker

TenStickers. Fondue Home Wall Sticker. Show off to the world your love of the best way to eat food with this awesome fondue kitchen sticker. Worldwide delivery available!

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If you've ever had a fondue or raclette you'll know that this product will be worth putting up in your kitchen just to show off your love for the greatest way to eat food with friends and family. This amazing fondue kitchen decal we'll fit right into any food lovers Kitchen in an instant. this product to fix several skewers (or piques) with oranges, kiwis and bananas with white and milk chocolate dipped on some of them. You’ll find this fondue kitchen sticker is super easy to apply to your walls with no fear of it peeling, ripping or wrinkling.

Information about Fondue Home Wall Sticker

Reference: A16358


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