Outline World Map Sticker

TenStickers. Outline World Map Sticker. Brings Beauty off the world into your home with this gorgeous geometric World map wall sticker. Choose from a range of over 50 different colours!

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Who needs the names of countries on their world map? Not you! You only need the beauty of the world to bring together any room in your home, be it your living room, bathroom, dining room, bedroom, kitchen or hallway. With this amazing geometric world map wall sticker, you can choose from a range of over 50 different colours, as well as a wide range of shapes and sizes. You will also be happy to know that this gorgeous outline world map wall sticker can be applied to any wall or flat surface in your home with no bubbles, wrinkles, rips and certainly no peeling!

Information about Outline World Map Sticker

Reference: A16448


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