Scissors And Comb Business Sticker

TenStickers. Scissors And Comb Business Sticker. Bring an old timey feel to your barber shop today with this awesome cut and shave mirror decal. Choose from a wide range of sizes!

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No barber shop is complete without this super cool cut and shave mirror decal. Bring an old timey cartoon feeling into your bathroom, bedroom or barber shop with this charming scissors and comb mirror sticker. This product gives a 3D effect to any mirror, making your customers say “wow, how is that pair of scissors floating up there?!” and you will reply “it’s not magic, it’s just a high quality vinyl!”. All of our products extremely easy to stick to any smooth surface or wall, and just as easy to take down with no trepidation of leaving marks or residue behind on your mirror.

Information about Scissors And Comb Business Sticker

Reference: A15264


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